Mickelson Seeds, L.L.C.

Agro Resources, L.L.C.

Precision Ag Resources, L.L.C.

Opheim Seed & Chemical

Rich Frideres

Langfritz Seed, Inc.

Brian's Feed Service, Inc.

Mid Minnesota Ag

Stewart Seed & Chemical

Ag - Solutions, Inc.

Solberg Seed Sales

BLB Ag Service, Inc.


Thilges Seed

Asmus Farm Supply supports independent sales representatives across Iowa, Minnesota and Nebraska to provide growers with quality products and service outside of our company owned locations.

Brian’s Feed Service

Brian’s Feed has been with Asmus Farm Supply since 1998 and has over 30 years in business selling Kent Feeds. Brian’s Feed has a full line up of agricultural products to assist you in your needs including: Agro Liquid Fertilizer, Cornelius and Prairie Brand Seed, Sioux Steel livestock and bin equipment, Ag spray equipment & AFS chemicals. They also offer Aerial Application, Custom Chemical Application, Fertilizer Delivery and Feed Delivery.

Brian Lium

709 380th St.

Bancroft, IA 50517


Office: 515-885-2680


Langfritz Seed

Langfritz Seed partnered with Asmus Farm Supply in 2012 and is also a reliable Pioneer Seed dealer since 2000.

 John Harris

24679 Hwy 3

Allison, IA 50602


Office: 319-267-2544

Cell: 319-596-5410


Opheim Seed & Chemical

Opheim Seed and Chemical offers a variety of products and services to meet your needs including: Seed, Seed Treatment, Custom Application, Precision Planting, Crop Scouting, Seed Delivery, 360 Yield Center and even Chicken Litter.

Jason Opheim & Casey Huxford

2471 Washington Ave

Eagle Grove, IA 50533


Office: 515-368-0802


Mickelson Seed & Chemical, L.L.C.

Mickelson Seed & Chemical offers a full line of agriculture products to assist you with your needs along with a dedication to service including: AFS Chemicals, Seed, Seed Treatment, Seed Delivery, Custom Y-Drop and Fungicide application along with Custom Rolling.

Dave Mickelson, Sales Specialist – 515.571.6599


Alex Gascho, CCA Sales Agronomist – 515.571.0313


2965 Nelson Ave.

Lehigh, IA 50557



RMS is a seed, fertilizer and service business and a Kugler Brand Fertilizer and Syngenta dealer. In addition they service crop consulting, soil and tissue sampling, planter set up, data reading and seed treatment.

Ryan Mullenhoff, Jerry Osten, Ryan Sanley and Kyle Brabec

48303 115 Ave

Leigh, Nebraska 68643

(P) 402-910-6558

(P) 402-487-9998


BLB Ag Service, Inc.

BLB Ag Service has over 20 years in business providing seed, chemicals MZB zone based precision farming as well as custom chemical application! Brian believes in using the products he sells so he can provide his customers with first hand experiences. This allows his customers to make the best informed decisions possible for their own operation.

Brian Brueggeman

6942 130th Street

Harris, IA 51345


Office: 712-349-2333

Cell: 712-330-3763


Agro Resources, L.L.C.

Jamie Germscheid

502 East Silver St.

Mapleton, MN 56065

(P) 507-420-4090

(P) 507-524-4906

Precision Ag Resources, L.L.C.

Jeff Ashland

1426 210th Ave

Spirit Lake, IA 51360

(P) 712-330-7975

Stewart Seed & Chemical

Sean Stewart

2592 320th St.

PO Box 1

Burnside, IA 50521

(P) 515-570-4171

Ag – Solutions, Inc.

Travis McCormick

25 North Main Street

PO Box 134

Coulter, IA 50431

(P) 641-425-1386

(P) 641-866-6813



Solberg Seed Sales

Linus Solberg

3780 510th Ave

Cylinder, IA 50528

(P) 712-424-3843

Thilges Seed LLC

Pat Thilges

2320 Iowa Ave

Britt, IA  50423

(P) 641-843-4422

Rich Frideres

301 3rd St.

West Bend, IA 50597

(P) 515-887-2050

Mid Minnesota Ag

Joe Serbus

72688 County Rd 5

Bird Island, MN 55310

(P) 507-557-2345