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To the One’s that go Unnoticed

Written by Billie Kay Asmus   Harvest is coming to an end and we can all see the light at the end of the tunnel. Without a doubt, it has been a tough season for just about everyone. The weather this year has not been cooperating resulting in wet or frozen fields....

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Farmer Approved Harvest Meals

Written by Billie Ingalls Harvest is sneaking up on us fast, and without a doubt its more than just having the combine and grain bins ready. Having freezer meals or grab and go meals for yourself or your farmer is something to keep in mind too. Sandwiches and a...

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Building your Farm Brand

Written by Billie Ingalls Recently I attended an event by the Women in Ag group called FarmHer in Des Moines, Iowa. Overall it was a really empowering event to learn from other women in agriculture both young and old. We covered topics from politics in agriculture to...

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Dr. Pepper & Coffee

Written by Billie Ingalls When you live and work in a small town, everyone knows everyone. It doesn’t matter if you know of each other from a friend of a friends cousin, or you have life long memories together – they have some way shape or form made an imprint on your...

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Done the First Time

Written by Trevor Enerson This has been great week for me. As a Seed Agronomist, the most hectic, but also the most thrilling time of the year has gone by. It’s odd really, how much I really enjoy the planting season and the chaos surrounding trying to get all beans...

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The Fabric of Life is a Quilt

Written by Amy Asmus Throughout my work, I am afforded the opportunity to interact with many groups and different people. It is rewarding to be able to share some of our experiences here at Asmus Farm Supply and some of my experiences in life with the groups I serve...

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Iowa Agriculture in Photos

Written by Billie Ingalls I'm not the best photographer in the world, but for my job I get to pick up the camera and document what goes on around me. Sometimes capturing the small things that go unnoticed helps us understand the bigger picture of what we do in the...

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Farm Safety for Kids

Written by Devin Helming I want to remind everyone of the importance of farm safety, especially for our kids. I recall being a young farm kid many, many years ago and having a fascination with a lot of dangerous things: moving grain, pto shafts & tractors to name...

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The Great Food Plot Conundrum

Written by John Ingalls MD - AFS Food Plot Customer The greatest questions most of us ask regarding food plots are the obvious. I am surrounded by hundreds or thousands of acres of corn, alfalfa, and soybeans, why would I ever need to plant a food plot? My neighbors...

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