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October 10, 2014 – News & Notes From Asmus Farm Supply

We would like to introduce you to our newest employee, and update you on a current employee’s new position! Darren Arthur is our newest employee at Asmus Farm Supply. Darren started at our Manly, IA location on August 4th of this year. Darren will be managing the warehouse, and studying to become a sales agronomist […]

Protecting Your 2014 Seed Investment Starts Now!

After a late harvest and some lower than expected acres of anhydrous and fall herbicide applications, a lot of our 2014 planting and seed decisions are still looming in our minds. As a partner to our clients, Asmus Farm Supply would like to offer some of the following tips for preparation for the 2014 planting […]

Happy Holidays from The AFS Family!

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All of us at Asmus Farm Supply, Inc. would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! This time of year we spend time with our families and celebrate the holiday season, but we can’t forget that it is also prepay season. AFS’s best prepay pricing is available now to accommodate […]

Learning & Innovation For The AFS Customers Never Stops

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A lot of people think corporate sales conferences are fairly predictable – lots of charts and diagrams and pointless platitudes for the upcoming year and so-on? While in some cases, you’d be right – real yawn-fest – but at Asmus Farm Supply, we take the opportunity to bring our team together not only to measure […]

Plant Nutrition Site Scheduled for February Opening

On September 27th, we released the news of our new Plant Nutrition facility that was in development at the Rake, Iowa location. Much of the development and production behind the scenes had already been started, so were THRILLED to announce that we have a targeted opening date of February 2014 (yes, only 3 short months […]

AFS Customers and Minnesota Corn Impact

Technology is a tool we love at Asmus Farm Supply, Inc. Whether it’s data intake programs, or tracking software for chemical tanks, or measuring the efficacy of crops in the areas we serve. Any new technology is something we LOVE to share. The Minnesota Corn Growers Association (MCGA) has developed a spectacular new map highlighting […]

Future of Farm Bill Still Uncertain

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Negotiations on the 2013 Farm Bill resumed this week, with negotiators from both the House of Representatives and the Senate meeting as early as Wednesday to try to put together a Bill acceptable to both political parties. The Farm Bill, which governs everything from Federal farm support and agricultural trade and marketing, to rural development policies, conservation […]

Control Seeding Blockages or Reduced Flow This Season

At Asmus Farm Supply, we like to keep our customers informed on the latest and greatest innovations in agronomy – keeping you on top of the market and as productive and profitable as possible. Technology is great for our everyday lives, but it’s even better when you can use it to help with your work! […]

Asmus Farm Supply Cover Crop Options

With the wet weather and late-spring freezing temperatures during planting season, Iowa and Minnesota saw record numbers of prevented planting acres. Asmus Farm Supply is now offering cover crop seeds for the first time starting in 2013.  Our goal is to be able to help our customers preserve their soil during times when weather prevents […]

Benefits of Strip-Tilling Cover Crops

Strip-tilling has become a great tool to both protect and nourish crop soil during harsh winter months. Instead of doing intensive tilling, which dries the soil more quickly and leads to greater erosion dangers, strip-tilling cuts down the cellulose-rich cover crop and provides a nourishing cover.  Turning over the soil in strips also warms the […]

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