AFS Products & Services

Whether you’re looking for seed treatment, precision technology or just food plot seed for hunting season, Asmus Farm Supply has products to fit your needs. All of our agronomists are CCA Certified and available for questions and quality ag inputs from planting through harvest. They are available to sit down and work with you to put together a customized plan that best fit your needs and goals.

AFS also has resources available to guide you through the seasons, such as:

  • Weekly Agronomy Updates
  • Corn & Soybean Field Guides
  • Weed Identification Guides
  • Scouting Guides and more

For our weekly video agronomy updates, please visit the ag update tab on our website. For field guides, please stop in our office for a copy.

Learn more about our chemistry department and how we can help you with all your chemical needs!

If you’re in need of fertilizers, check out our Plant Nutrition Department on how you can get the proper nutrients on your field.

Whether you’re in need of Pioneer Seed or cover crop, the AFS Seed Department is a great resource for all your seed needs.

With questions surrounding seed treatment, our seed treatment department is a great place to start & watch a video on the importance of seed treatment.

With the rise in technology, check out our Precision Farming platforms offered to help maximize your production and better utilize your yield data.

Whether you’re hunting whitetail deer or pheasants, we have a variety of food plot seed to choose from.