Seed selection, coupled with proper nutrients and crop protection products, is a part of a successful management plan. Asmus Farm Supply Seed Department Agronomists utilize technical tools, proprietary research plots and seed company innovations to accomplish this goal for our customers. The department provides multiple brands of corn and soybean seed which are distributed in bags, bulk boxes or bulk.

When you’re in need of superior seed solutions for your fields – whether it’s soybean, corn or other row crops – the Asmus Farm Supply Seed Department is the best place to start. Trevor Enerson or Bil Schrader would be happy to answer your questions and get you started on the right path for better field production, yield, and profit!

Cover Crop

Cover crop seed is also a new concept being adopted in the upper Midwest and the AFS, Inc. Seed Department is helping clients utilize this environmentally sustainable management practice. Some management goals for which farmers use cover crops include:

  • Suppressing weeds
  • Protecting soil from rain or runoff
  • Improving soil aggregate stability
  • Fixing nitrogen
  • Scavenging soil nitrogen
  • Suppressing soil diseases and pests

For more information and resources on cover crop, please contact Bil Schrader, Seed Department Manager in our Rake Office or give him a call at 641.566.3658

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