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Photo Contest Winners Announced!

Congratulations to Carol Peterson, the 2022 AFS Overall Photo Contest Winner!

Other winners include:

Spring – Rece Johnson

Summer – John and Marcy Thisius

Fall – Angie Parker-Schmidt

Farming in the Community – Karen Neisen

Life on the Farm – Stacy Wolf

First to the Field

The 2021 Results Book is now available and the 2022 Trials have been determined.

Learn more about AFS’s First to the Field program here.

Spring Hours!

AFS Locations have started spring hours. Starting Saturday, April 9, 2022 hours at Rake, Estherville, Fulda, and Okabena locations are Saturday 7 am-noon and 7 am – 5 pm Monday-Friday.  Manly hours remain the same and by appointment on Saturdays.  

We wish you all a productive and safe spring season. 

We Are Hiring!

AFS is currently hiring for warehouse positions at the Rake, IA location.

Enriching a New Era in Agriculture

Whether you’re in your tractor or hauling grain in your truck, we’ve got your back. Access your Asmus Farm Supply account information easily through the AFS Grower Portal. Viewing with a browser or through the app growers can plan for the season ahead by developing product plans and quotes. Pay invoices and shop online for products easily and quickly. View statements, invoices, balances, including your Corteva balance with the click of your mouse or tap of your finger. Your business information is available any time of day, from anywhere, with the AFS Grower Portal. 

The free app is available in the Google Play and Apple App Store.  Have questions? Don’t hesitate to give us a call at any of our locations. All of our agronomists are available to assist you with these new features.


 New Portal Features

  • Visit the AFS Grower Portal or download our Asmus Farm Supply app in the app store on your mobile device or tablet.

  • If you were a user of the Storefront you are already enrolled in the AFS Grower Portal with the same login credentials. 

  • If you were not a user of the Storefront please submit an access request to browse products and prices.  This request is an additional process to ensure you are viewing the proper account information.  *Approval of access to prices and products are usually available within 24 hours Monday through Friday. 

  • Browse hundreds of products, check product labels, and submit quote requests to your Agronomists for products that you’re interested in. 

  • The new AFS Grower Portal allows you to review your purchase history,  view prepaid bookings, review statements, and pay invoices online. All major credit cards are accepted as well as bank transfers through our secure website. We also support several financing options as well. 

  • A unique feature of the AFS Grower Portal for Corteva customers is the ability to view Corteva Cash and TruChoice balances. *Available December 16, 2020.  


  • Quick overview display of unpaid balances by date due
  • View current regular, prepay and unapplied cash balances
  • Preview statement and booking information
  • View unpaid invoices


  • Link your Corteva TruChoice account with your AFS Grower Portal account to see information in one location
  • View Corteva Cash
  • View TruChoice balances
  • Pay with Corteva Cash or TruChoice balance


  • Quick overview displays recent invoices and expands to full view invoice list 
  • Filter invoices 
  • View invoice list nad view or print PDF’s

Purchase History

  • View past purchases by product or by year


  • Find a product by shopping and request a quote
  • Accepted quotes turn into bookings
  • Quick overview of recent quotes and expands to a full quote list


  • Statements start generating from the date of enrollment into the AFS Grower Portal
  • Quick overview display of recent statements and expands to view full statement list
  • View statement list and view or print PDF’s


Request Access for AFS Grower Portal

While the promise of precision agriculture is wonderful, the reality is that solutions are often disintegrated. Trust the specialists at Asmus Farm Supply to help you simplify your farm records and utilize the right tools to maximize your productivity and your yield potential. 

By pulling all the pieces together, we’ll help you manage your data. Count on Asmus Farm Supply for up-to-date bookings, balance overviews, invoices, statements and payment details.

Interested in more information? Contact your AFS agronomist today!

Asmus Farm Supply

Since 1960, we have provided our customers with quality ag products and services. We take care of all your agriculture needs from crop protection, plant nutrition, seed and seed treatment. All of our Agronomists are C.C.A certified and uphold integrity and trust with each of our growers. Not only are our agronomists certified, but they also come from family farms and can speak from experience. Let us be a partner in your operation’s success.
Asmus Farm Supply
Asmus Farm Supply
As part of EMS Week, AFS wants to acknowledge staff that takes the time to serve their communities; Brent Baddeley, Wes Baddeley, Garrett Asmus, Troy Armstrong, Jacob Swearingen, and Kevin Adolph. Thank you to all those that serve our communities. #EMSweek #risingtothechallenge
Asmus Farm Supply
Asmus Farm Supply
New merchandise is starting to come!
Asmus Farm Supply
Asmus Farm Supply
To best serve the needs of customers, the AFS location in Estherville, IA will be open from 7 am - 5 pm today Saturday, May 14, 2022. Note these hours are for the Estherville location only. Fulda, Okabena, and Rake are open from 7 am - noon.
Asmus Farm Supply
Asmus Farm Supply
The latest AFS digital newsletter is now available. Read it here: https://conta.cc/3Peiuup
Asmus Farm Supply
Asmus Farm Supply
AFS staff has been busy treating seed to send to the field. This week's planting season is in full swing with the warm weather throughout the AFS service area. #AFSseed #AFSseedtreatment
Asmus Farm Supply
Asmus Farm Supply
Plots at Rake are going in!!! AFS staff uses data from the various plots for the next season. Customers are welcome to tour the plots at any time throughout the season. #AFSseed #AFSchem #AFSpn #AFSseedtreatment #AFS #Plant22


In the late 1950’s, Harvey Asmus introduced a new way to farm. Chemical weed control was not a foreign concept, but it certainly wasn’t adopted by the masses. Regardless, Harvey believed in the future of farming and stood with his clients from planting through harvest and made a commitment to helping their operation succeed. Within the first decade of it’s existence, Asmus Farm Supply flourished in the new era of farming.

At Asmus Farm Supply, selling is more than just price. We commit to building personal relationships with each of our customers through face-to-face business. We strive to listen to your production problems, and through our product knowledge, recommend a program that is tailored to your needs.

Family Oriented

Asmus Farm Supply was founded on family. Without the support it took from our family members, we wouldn’t be where we are today. A majority of farms are multi-generational and we know the value that each individual holds when it comes to making your operation run. The Asmus Family Farm and business has been family owned and operated for the last three generations, so when you walk in our door, know that you will be treated like family with a warm welcome.

Mission Statement

“Consulting Clients with Sustainable Recommendations to Maximize Production”

AFS is laid on the foundation of giving quality and sustainable recommendations for our growers to not only continue being stewards of the land, but stewards of our neighbors while helping you maximize your yield and crop potential.