Consulting Clients with Sustainable Recommendations to Maximize Production

Our professional team works to increase your yields in a sustainable manner. 

Crop Protection

Asmus Farm Supply works with all manufactures to ensure we have the right products for your operations goals.



Asmus Farm Supply

Since 1960, we have provided our customers with quality ag products and services. We take care of all your agriculture needs from crop protection, plant nutrition, seed and seed treatment. All of our Agronomists are C.C.A certified and uphold integrity and trust with each of our growers. Not only are our agronomists certified, but they also come from family farms and can speak from experience. Let us be a partner in your operation’s success.
Asmus Farm Supply
Asmus Farm Supply4 days ago
We know that when you're in the field this harvest season, you'll capture some amazing photos. Post your photos in the comments to be automatically entered in the 2024 AFS Photo Contest.
Asmus Farm Supply
Asmus Farm Supply7 days ago
All of us at AFS know the time and dedication farmers put into their crops all year long. From selecting the proper seed, timing of crop protection applications, proper plant nutrition, the long hours of harvest, and everything in between. We wish everyone a safe and plentiful harvest season. #harvest23
Asmus Farm Supply
Asmus Farm Supply1 week ago
Harvest season is HERE! We are all in a hurry. Please share the road so that EVERYONE makes it home.
Asmus Farm Supply
Asmus Farm Supply2 weeks ago
Stay safe out there this harvest season! #NationalFarmSafety23



Optimizing Yields

AFS consults with clients to provide sustainable recommendations that maximize production.

Business Solutions

AFS offers Crop Protection, Plant Nutrition, Seed, and Seed Treatment products.


AFS has five locations in northern Iowa and southern Minnesota.

Online Portal

The AFS Grower Portal is an online option for staying connected to your AFS accounts.


First to the Field is AFS's innovation platform, allowing growers to produce quality and creditable trial data with new technoloy.

Precision Ag

AFS offers Field Yield services to implement Precision Ag technologies on your fields.

All of our customers trust their crops with us

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Consulting Clients with Sustainable Recommendations to Maximize Production