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How we became the AFS we are today?

Harvey Asmus started Asmus Farm Supply in 1960 and met with farmers at his kitchen table.  Today, AFS has five locations in Iowa and Minnesota.  

“Consulting Clients With Sustainable Recommendations to Maximize Production”

- Harvey Asmus

Our mission

Asmus Farm Supply, Inc. has the vision to consult customers individually and provide them with individualized and sustainable recommendations to maximize production on their acres.

Our vision

Provide customers with quality products that have been tested and trialed in the field.

Our value

As farmers ourselves we know the trust you put in our hands. We value that and strive to provide the best products available.

Family Focused

    Cora, Megan, Garrett, Harlan, and Amy Asmus

It was a simpler time in 1960 when Harvey Asmus envisioned improving agriculture using synthetic pesticides.  Asmus Farm Supply’s evolution occurred when Harvey decided to serve the self-applicator.  Harvey built a reputation for being an industry leader, with customers and prospective customers coming from hundreds of miles to Rake.  During the early years, Harvey would answer questions from the tractor while his wife Carol translated to the customers on the phone. 

During the 1980s and 1990s, Asmus Farm Supply saw several changes.  Harvey’s son, Harlan, moved back to Rake and started working full-time for the company. As business increased, so did the office and warehouses.  With its reputation as one of the largest and most progressive companies, bulk tanks were added to best serve the growing tank mixes customers were using. 

The technical knowledge and focus of Harvey and Harlan allowed the company to grow.  In 2000, the first satellite location was opened to serve customers that traveled long distances.  In 2004 a computer accounting system was introduced after 44 years of handwritten invoices and documents.  The Estherville location was added in 2005, along with the Seed and Seed Treatment departments.  Okabena and Fulda locations were added in 2011.  The Plant Nutrition department started in 2012.  AFS expanded to Manly in 2014, in addition to constructing the Plant Nutrition facility. Since 2012, AFS has focused on infrastructure improvements throughout all locations and facilities. 

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Asmus Farm Supply, Inc.

Consulting Clients with Sustainable Recommendations to Maximize Production