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17 March 2020

The agricultural industry is not immune to the personal and business effects of COVID-19. Asmus Farm Supply (AFS) is taking steps to mitigate the virus spreading to keep staff members and customers safe, yet keep our business running.

  • AFS Company-owned locations Hours – (Rake, Estherville, Manly, Iowa and Okabena, Fulda, Minnesota) remain operational during our regular business hours Monday-Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. Should there be any changes to our hours and locations you will be made aware immediately through our newsletter and social media platforms. Try to limit your business interaction with our staff to electronic means over the coming days.
  • Sanitation – AFS will do our best to ensure our public areas are clean and sanitary for both our employees and customers at all our company-owned locations.
  • AFS Commission Sites –Please contact your commission site manager for their protocols during this time regarding COVID-19.
  • AFS Seed Department – There are no current seed supply issues with AFS due to COVID-19. Currently 95% of booked seed is in our possession and what is not shipped yet is in the process of being prepared. In addition, we continue to have access to many preferred corn hybrids as well as E3 and LLGT27 soybeans. Unless there are changes in how our suppliers handle what little shipping remains, there should be no issue with your seed orders. If something does change, we will contact you as soon as we are aware of any issues.
  • AFS Chemical Department – There are no current chemical supply issues with AFS as related to the Coronavirus. We have stocked what has been prepaid and have taken a position on all brands for in-season needs. There is no need to buy products for 2021 at this time.
  • AFS Plant Nutrition Department – The Plant Nutrition department has its current bookings in stock for customers with the exclusion of all of the 32%. We have enough on hand to satisfy our customer needs through the planting season. However, there is no indication the terminals we source product from will be shutting down or suspending deliveries, but have taken appropriate steps to make their facilities are safe.
  • Product Delivery – We understand if you are hesitant to take deliveries or pick up your products at one of our locations in the near future. AFS will work with you in whatever way necessary to accommodate delivery. Our warehouse staff and truck drivers will keep a safe distance from you while getting products to you in a timely fashion. All we ask is that you do not use the same pen to sign paperwork upon delivery.
  • Social Gatherings – Any upcoming grower meetings and breakfasts are hereby canceled until further notice.
  • For More Information – We ask that you continue to educate yourselves about the virus and social distancing at this time. It is recommended that we post our protocols at all entrances to our places of business. Please read them before entering our facilities.

Thank you for your patience during this stressful time.If you have questions about our protocols, feel free to contact us at support@afschem.com. AFS will be notifying you again when our current protocols have been relaxed.