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On April 2nd, the EPA announced that it is “unlikely to approve new outdoor Neonicotinoid pesticide uses.” Affected Neonicotinoid actions include: new uses, addition of new use patterns (such as aerial application), experimental use permits and new special local needs registrations. The EPA is doing this as part of their ongoing effort to protect pollinators, an issue that has been a priority¬†for the agency.
Now more than ever, Asmus Farm Supply recommends that our growers use a talc replacement product called Fluency Agent. This product has been shown to reduce Neonicotinoid dust-off by up to 90% in testing!. At the same cost as traditional talc, this is a great way to show regulatory agencies and the public that the agricultural community is dedicated to being part of the solution.
To learn more about pollinator health and neonicotinoid seed treatments, click here to watch the video featuring Zack Smith!
To learn more about D.C. pollinator politics, click on the link here to view CropLife America’s video on the topic.

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