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Asmus Farm Supply Hosts Senator Joni Ernst

99 County Tour across Iowa


RAKE, IOWA, August 17, 2017– Asmus Farm Supply, of Rake Iowa was given the opportunity to host Senator Joni Ernst during her 99 county tour across Iowa on Wednesday, August 16th. During her visit, Harlan and Amy Asmus, the owners of Asmus Farm Supply and employees gave a tour of the facility. Throughout the tour, Harlan Asmus talked about how the company is encouraging sustainable practices through offering free bulk tanks for customers to use to reduce packaging waste. Furthermore, Harlan Asmus covered the expense and lifespan of these tanks to Senator Ernst. Following the tour, Senator Ernst met with local farmers and community members of Winnebago County and briefly covered a couple of topics including healthcare, the Farm Bill and communicating a true message to society about the importance of agriculture. Senator Ernst began by discussing the 2018 Farm Bill, mainly focused on crop insurance and how it could potentially affect local farms and their families.

“Senator Grassley and I both sit on the Agriculture Committee and we will both have input as we move into the 2018 Farm Bill. Now with that bill, we hope to have it actually wrapped up and this is being a little optimistic, but we hope to have that wrapped up through the Ag Committee and ready for the floor of the Senate by Christmas.” –Senator Ernst

Amy Asmus then brought up concerns about the company surrounding The Affordable Care Act and selecting insurance for employees to meet their needs. Senator Ernst understood the difficult position small businesses are placed in and explained the disappointment in the inability to get votes passed to reduce healthcare premiums, high deductibles and co-pays. Senator Ernst continued that it is becoming difficult for small businesses to purchase healthcare for employees, which results in families not having health insurance and being fined by the government because of it.

Holden Asmus later brought up his concern regarding the need for many in Congress and in federal agencies to better communicate the importance of agriculture to the public.

“The image of agriculture is misconceived, and I’m curious about what we can do and what D.C. can do about ag illiteracy and how we can convey a better image and message of farming” –Holden Asmus

Senator Ernst talked about how many in Washington D.C. should be doing a better job at communicating these rising issues on agriculture and helping get a clear message out about the importance of agriculture. Ernst also mentioned the rise of technology in agriculture and what technology is doing to help increase yield potential and reduce pesticide use.

Senator Ernst also traveled to Hancock and Worth Counties on Wednesday to meet with local farmers and agribusinesses.

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