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At AFS, our agronomists strive to offer seed treatment options that optimize your seed’s performance.  AFS offers custom blends as well as individual product treatment over generically blended product that may not offer the same yield results. The goal AFS has for you when purchasing seed treatment is to increase germination, improve seedling vigor, increase plant stand and develop healthy root systems, ensure your crop gets off to a great start.  AFS is constantly looking and testing new technology in this fast past field.

AFS offers seed treatments for insecticides, fungicides, nematicides, and biologicals.  AFS works with multiple companies, allowing us to offer a wide range of products, all with the focus of increasing your yields.

Researching Seed Treatments at AFS

To help our customers better understand and evaluate seed treatment technologies, the AFS Seed Treatment Department conducts research trials annually at multiple locations across our sales geography. This small-scale, replicated research ensures that we are positioning the value and the potential return on investment accurately for our customers.  AFS  has also had various seed treatment options go through as part of AFS’s First to the Field program.  Testing products in real farm environments against other treatments or untreated acres. Information from these trials provides AFS agronomist with the information they need to assist you in finding the best seed treatment options for your fields. 

When you’re in need of the right seed treatment solutions for your fields – whether it’s soybean, corn or other row crops – AFS can help. Jacob Larson, our Seed Treatment Department Manager at our Rake office, would be happy to answer your questions and get you started on the right path for better  higher yield and increased profit.

Jacob Larson is the Seed Treatment Manager. Give Jacob a call or  drop him an email.  He’s happy to help answer your questions and take care of all your seed treatment needs.

AFS Seed Treatment Options

AFS Protect, powered by Vibrance Trio, is a broad spectrum fungicide seed treatment that protects your seed from a wide variety of seed-borne and soil-borne diseases.  With Headsup, you will get added protection from White Mold and Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS). Signum Inoculant provides bradyrhizobia bacteria needed to produce nitrogen fixing nodules. 

AFS Select, powered by CruiserMaxx APX, delivers the same broad spectrum fungicide as AFS Protect, but with insect control from Cruiser. Additionally, AFS Select contains micronutrients and plant growth regulators to help your seed emerge evenly and quicker with the power of White Mold protection system.

Saltro Seed Treatment

With more power than older technology, Saltro provides consistently superior SDS protection without the stress. While soybeans can outgrow the side effects from above ground stress, they may not fully recover from the consequences of below ground stress affecting the roots. Saltro brings superior SDS protection without the stress, helping soybeans maximize their full genetic yield potential.

Saltro has superior SDS protection, no early season plant stress, above and below ground vigor, ang higher yield potential.

Vibrance Trio

With the power of 3 robust chemistries, Vibrance® Trio seed treatment provides leading protection from many major early-season soybean diseases, including Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia, Pythium, Fusarium, seedborne Phomopsis and seedborne Sclerotinia, regardless of planting conditions.

Tripidity ST

Tripidity® ST Biostimulant Soybean Seed Treatment

  • Hard chemistry not a biological, with multiple modes of action
  • The most consistent biostimulant on the market today
  • More evenly emerged, healthier and greater in number soybean stands every time
  • Each soybean seed receives the same chemical message and the same complete cellular food source at the same time
  • The closer the actives to the embryo, the faster they are utilized, the more hours you gain in the emergence
  • A three-component biostimulant that includes
    • The right plant hormones, at the right concentration in the right ratio
    • Amino acid and enzyme cellular building blocks
    • Specific micronutrients which work in synthesis to accelerate cellular systems growth



Signum® maximizes the natural capability of soybeans to generate nitrogen so growers can better manage crop inputs and enhance yield.
Three novel technologies stimulate bacteria for aggressive infection, strengthen the cell wall for greater desiccation resistance and enable single-component formulation.

Heads Up

Heads Up® is a biological seed treatment that brings a new mode of action for growers to get a head start against a variety of fungal and bacterial diseases in row and specialty crops. Used alone or in combination with other fungicide / insecticide seed treatments, Heads Up® brings additional, full-season protection to help position your plants to succeed against yield robbing disease pathogens.

Heads Up® Plant Protectant is nationally distributed in the United States and Canada and is the only EPA/PMRA registered seed treatment for suppression of both sudden death syndrome (fusarium virguliforme) and white mold (sclerotinia sclerotiorum) in soybeans.


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