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When you’re in need of chemical support for your field operations – whether it’s soybeans, corn, small grains or specialty crops, the Asmus Farm Supply Crop Protection Department is the best place to start. Any of the crop protection department agronomists are happy to answer your questions and get you started on the right path for better crop protection, production and optimizing your yields.

Since the Beginning

The AFS Crop Protection Department is the oldest division in the company, dating back in 1960. Our CCA certified agronomy staff focuses on providing recommendations specific to your operation, using AFS’s large portfolio of products to provide season long crop protection for all of your fields.  AFS  represents all major manufacturers, using an unbiased approach to recommend their products to help solve your issues. Generic alternatives are available in some product lines.  AFS agronomists are all educated on the vast number of programs that manufactures offer, ensuring to provide you with the best value for your operation. 

Harlan is a second-generation Manager of the family business and joined AFS in 1987 after graduating from Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Business Management degree. Since coming back to the family business after graduating college, Harlan has held various job titles including Warehouse Assistant, Seed Sales, Crop Consultant, CCA Agronomist, Purchasing Agent, and Chemical Programs Administration. Harlan now is the company President but continues to work with clients and manages product procurement and pricing for the chemistry department. He encourages integrity-based relationship selling amongst the AFS staff and spends considerable time nurturing relationships with manufacturing suppliers and AFS clients.

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