Put the max in and keep it there. 

N-Serve® nitrogen stabilizer delivers maximum profit by extending nitrogen availability during corn’s key growth stages. It works underground, where up to 70 percent of nitrogen loss can occur through leaching or denitrification into the atmosphere.

Nitrogen when corn needs it.

Corn uses nitrogen in two forms: ammonium (NH4+) and nitrate (NO3-). But it prefers ammonium — because that form is more efficient for plants to use and less susceptible to loss.

But nitrate nitrogen can’t help corn if it’s beyond the reach of the plants’ roots during critical growth times. N-Serve acts to slow down the bacteria that converts ammonium to nitrate, keeping nitrogen in the ammonium form longer. That means it’s there when corn is ready for it — so the crop can reach its maximum yield potential.

Get the MAX from anhydrous ammonia.

Any source of nitrogen is susceptible to loss through leaching or denitrification. N-Serve maximizes nitrogen when used with anhydrous ammonia.

Since its introduction, CENTURO® nitrogen stabilizer has helped deliver highly effective performance results and optimized yields. CENTURO has helped growers meet their nutrient management, nitrogen efficiency, and yield goals and has quickly become a proven nitrification inhibitor for anhydrous ammonia and UAN. Its non-corrosive formula is gentle on equipment and is an easy-to-handle solution.

If you aren’t using CENTURO to protect your nitrogen—now is the time. See how the first nitrification inhibitor to receive EPA registration in the last 40 years is changing how people look at stabilizers. Then, learn how it can give you confidence without the complication.

Flexible Storage Options

CENTURO gives retailers storage options by not requiring stainless steel tanks like other stabilizers. Store CENTURO for up to two years without harming equipment or reducing effectiveness.

Ease of Use

With the ability to be added before, during or after the addition of anhydrous ammonia and UAN, and through the use of a side-kick system, CENTURO delivers the flexibility you need to run your operation with maximum efficiency.

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