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Dicamba Training 2021


BASF is excited to announce new options for annual dicamba applicator training. This training is required for Engenia herbicide and other dicamba products approved for over-the-top (OTT) applications on dicamba-tolerant soybean and cotton.


Join BASF to learn about new application requirements and label enhancements for the 2021 season. Applicator training and certification can be obtained in multiple formats based on your schedule and needs. Due to COVID-19, dicamba applicator training will be primarily available through online offerings such as a self-paced training module and live virtual webinars.

Self-Paced Online Module: 

This self-paced option will take approximately 1 hour to complete and contains a quiz at the end of the module. Once the module is completed a certificate is displayed that should be kept for your records. You will have the option to print and/or save your dicamba certificate. It is recommended that you complete this training on a web browser through a computer with a reliable internet connection.


Live Virtual Webinars: 

Live webinars, hosted by BASF experts, provide the opportunity for interaction and Q/A. There are a total of 4 remaining events that are scheduled to occur every Tuesday @ 10 am eastern with the next one scheduled for February 9, 2021. Attendance is limited to the first 250 attendees per event so register early for the event that best fits your schedule. Live Virtual Webinars are scheduled for:

  • March 2, 2021 @ 10 am eastern

As a reminder only certified applicators may apply Engenia herbicide or other OTT dicamba herbicides. Some states have additional restrictions and requirements. Check with your state pesticide regulatory agency for additional training and application requirements or restrictions. Minnesota is one of these states.


Bayer is offering both a self-paced and guided webinar every Wednesday.

For applicators spraying in states that accept online training, register to take the course below. Once completed, you’ll receive a printable certificate for proof of training for this crop year. This course allows you to receive a certificate in more than one state at a time for those who spray in multiple states. You may be required to view additional state-specific information within the training. If you are unsure if your state accepts the training at this time, click below for more details.

This training satisfies the annual dicamba training requirement in certain states.* If you are not in a state that currently allows Bayer-provided training to satisfy the annual dicamba training requirement, you may take this webinar for educational purposes only.

Information will continue to be added to this site as it becomes available.  Check back regularly or follow AFS on social media for updates as they become available.