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Written by Billie Ingalls

When you live and work in a small town, everyone knows everyone. It doesn’t matter if you know of each other from a friend of a friends cousin, or you have life long memories together – they have some way shape or form made an imprint on your life.

I started at Asmus Farm Supply about a year ago, and within that year I have gotten to know the AFS staff pretty well. Whether that has been just through work meetings, the lunch hour or hanging out outside of work, I began to understand what it meant to be a part of the AFS family. Telling stories, laughing at stupid jokes, poking fun at the guy who eats a rabbit for lunch or drinks a fresca instead of sprite, the memories and inside jokes start to build.

Corey was one of those people that stories seemed to rotate around. Whether it was about a video blooper reel from work or a late night phone call from friends, his real personality seemed to always make someone laugh or make you learn something new. He really wasn’t afraid to speak his mind and it helped you somehow see something from a new perspective.

Corey Williams was our Warehouse Manager. He started in early 2005 and was a valuable asset to the office. He somehow knew the answer to any mechanical issue or bulk tank and pump issues you were having and knew how to fix it. He was a walking instruction manual. Multiple times we’ve asked him for help outside of work on electrical issues or plumbing issues in our house, and he’d be over in a heartbeat and knew exactly what the problem was and where it was coming from. He’d even fix it for you with one easy payment of a handle of Captain Morgan and some Dr. Pepper.

He was also incredible help for H&H Farms around planting and harvest and everywhere in between. Anytime we had issues with the sprayer, combine, strip-till bar, etc., he knew how to fix it and what the problem was. He stayed up late during harvest driving the grain cart for us and cracked jokes over the radio when the night was dragging on or yell at you to make sure you stayed awake so we could get the job done. He was the guy you called when you needed help, and he was there with either his coffee or dr. pepper ready to work. Even if the day was going slow at work, he’d ask what he could do to help or pass the time and would go chop your wood or plow the snow from your driveway.

I remember the first time I truly got to know Corey. He brought a package up to my office that came in the mail and we got to talking about cattle, house projects and life in general. With his yeti coffee mug in hand, we just chatted. I may not have as many memories with Corey as the rest of this small town and office, but he made an imprint on my life by just sitting in my office and taking the time to talk to me.

It has been a tough couple of days for this small town community without a doubt, but it’s a great thing to stop for a moment in the craziness of this season to reflect on the life of someone who was a part of our story – whether that was a large or small part of our story.

Continue to tell stories, share memories, and remember the ones that made an imprint in your life. And when you don’t know how to fix something or you’re having issues with your bulk tank or a house project, just ask yourself, “What would Corey do?” and you’ll eventually figure it out.


Corey Dean Williams 1965-2017 

A celebration of life ceremony will be held Friday, June 9th from 5-8 pm at the Oakcrest Funeral Services in Buffalo Center, Iowa.