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Written by Billie Kay Asmus


Harvest is coming to an end and we can all see the light at the end of the tunnel. Without a doubt, it has been a tough season for just about everyone. The weather this year has not been cooperating resulting in wet or frozen fields. Breakdowns have not been our friend this year either, with multiple days and nights working on the combine pushing us further back for time. Everyone is tired and crabby and ready to just get some sleep and enjoy Thanksgiving right around the corner.


Throughout the harvest season, we hear a lot of the “Thank a Farmer” quotes, which I think are definitely deserved. These men and women are in the field from sunrise to well past sunset, sacrificing sleep and time spent with their families. However, we don’t always hear about the spouse or loved one of the farmer. The one who works all day, takes on the extra load of chores around the farm, picking up the kids, feeding the kids, making extra food for those in the field and making sure it’s hot and easy to eat in a tractor or combine, delivering the food, and getting home at 8pm to finally eat their dinner. At this time for some its ready to get the kids in bed, and with whatever little time is left with their night, they either clean up dinner, throw in some laundry and maybe have a little bit of extra time for themselves. Then when your spouse gets home at 1am, they silently crawl into bed trying not to wake you, but you are awake anyway just to say hello and ask how their day was. It’s not always easy and some days it feels like you’re single again when you’re home alone and juggling all these different tasks. And even though they smell like motor oil and the cab of a tractor, it’s good to have them home.


These are the people that sometimes seem to go unnoticed. Don’t get me wrong, the farmers are always grateful and thankful for the ones that deliver a hot meal or run to pick up parts and tackle multiple tasks, but from the outside perspective on the world of agriculture, the one’s behind the scene are the people who help keep the operation going. They wash the dirty stained jeans, they make creative meals that a farmer can either pick up and eat or fits in a cup holder, they make the trips to school sporting events and parent teacher conferences and care for the other animals on the farm and so much more.

They say farmers are the backbone of our country, but the ones who support and help sustain those farmers to be the best they can be during the hard seasons, are the ones that silently go unnoticed.


Here’s to the farmers spouses and loved ones that help support the backbones to keep them going.

Harvest is almost over, I promise.


Billie graduated from Bethel University in 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communication & Marketing studies. She grew up in rural northwest Wisconsin surrounded by more trees than cornfields but enjoys the new view. During her senior year of college, she took a special interests test resulting in being told she would be a great fit in the agriculture industry. Ignoring it, she moved to the city instead and pursued a job in radio advertising. After a few months, she realized it wasn’t for her and found her passion in agriculture. Billie joined the Asmus Farm Supply team in the Spring of 2016 and enjoys spending her free time reading, being outdoors and learning more about how she can be a voice for the farming community.