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Written by Darcy Swearingen

November already?! My first thought is, “Where has the year gone?” August was upon us as I sent my kids back to school. My youngest boys, the twins are in their Senior year at North Iowa High School and my daughter Alyssa is a Sophomore at South Dakota State University. Pretty soon it was October and now here we are, almost done with 2016.  Right when I was just getting used to writing ’16.  It seems the years keep flying by faster and faster.  The holiday season seems to sneak up on us all, and probably partly due to the fact that before Halloween the stores break out the Christmas trees and holiday decorations. Though Christmas is a wonderful holiday filled with giving, music, and wonderful traditions, we can’t just skip right to it without acknowledging a very important day before we get there- Thanksgiving!

Here’s a little history lesson-

Many, many years ago the Mayflower arrived at Plymouth and the Pilgrims were starting a New World.  In November 1621, after the Pilgrims’ first corn harvest proved successful, Governor William Bradford organized a celebratory feast and that is now remembered as an American’s “first Thanksgiving”.

The Pilgrims celebrated Thanksgiving as a feast to honor a year of successful harvest, meaning they would have food to survive on until the next harvest. They all came together and celebrated because of the hard work they accomplished.  Let us not forget how important that is. It is important to remember exactly why the holiday is called, “Thanksgiving”.  We need to remember to take the time to be thankful, just as the Pilgrims did so many years ago.

Living in a farming community, many of us understand the fruits of our labor and the hard work that goes into each harvest season. Sometimes we see great yield and outcomes, and some years not so much. Yet at the end of each harvest, we are able to come together as family and friends and celebrate in thanksgiving, regardless of whether the combine broke down, or we had 3 inches of standing rain. In the end, it’s about the time we have with those we surround ourselves with.


The Swearingen Family

So, while Christmas may be some people’s favorite holiday, don’t get swept up in the Christmas carols quiet yet. Take the time to be thankful, because every day offers something to be thankful for.  Thanksgiving is the chance to have family and friends seated together, enjoying each other’s company; to celebrate the year’s harvest, catching up and exchanging stories while sharing a great meal together. The only gifts required are ones of companionship and love.

Which is truly something to be thankful for.





Darcy joined the Asmus team summer of 2016. Currently she lives in Thompson, IA with her husband Jay and together they have five children. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Darcy is excited for the opportunity to continue to work in agriculture and be apart of the AFS team.