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Written by Amy Asmus

Throughout my work, I am afforded the opportunity to interact with many groups and different people. It is rewarding to be able to share some of our experiences here at Asmus Farm Supply and some of my experiences in life with the groups I serve with throughout the industry.

Recently, I had the honor to be nominated to help on a national committee. Whether or not I am selected won’t be known for several months, but what the nomination did was give me the opportunity to read letters of reference for me from a couple of weed scientists, who I have worked with and admired for over 5 years. As with most letters of reference, they talked highly about the talents and experiences I have that would make me perfect for the position. But, one of them included a description of me that seemed surprising. “…her background in art (as a graphic designer and also as a very talented quilter) helps her think out of the traditional agriculture “box” with creative ideas about issues.”

Really, in a very “academic” setting, one of my hobbies outside of working with this national group on herbicide resistance made enough of a difference to mention? Of course it did!  We are not only what we do at work, we are the balanced individuals we bring to life through our work, our friends and family, our hobbies, our health, our philanthropy and our self. Although each portion of our lives are different, like the different fabrics brought together to make a quilt, each add to the whole. The fabric of life is a quilt and the trick to a good one is being able to balance it all out and put the pieces together in a pleasing way.

What are some of the pieces of me? A daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend; a business owner, certified crop adviser, resistance management specialist, researcher, blogger (thanks to Billie), educator; a baker, cook, maid; a gardener, quilter, reader, traveler and many more. But, most importantly when you put all the pieces together, I am me – Amy Asmus – a unique, beautiful quilt.

What are the pieces that make up you? Each of us are a unique, beautiful quilt and I would love to hear about the pieces that make you who you are.