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Written by Bil Schrader

I have worked at Asmus Farm Supply for several years and experienced and witnessed many things throughout my time with the company. This past week was the fifteenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11th. As with most Americans, it is a day I will always remember. I was working that day and remember watching the events unfold on a small television in the kitchen of our old office. Throughout the day, I would catch glimpses of the horrifying footage of the terroristic acts. A somber haze quickly fell over work and everything else.

These acts of terror left many without loved ones and a permanent scar on our country. It was meant to be a blow to what America was founded upon; our freedom. During this time of tragedy, it was amazing how many signs of bravery, valor, quite defiance, and pride I saw in this country’s fundamental founding principles. Yet, many things had changed in the years that followed. Security for major social and political events, how we travel, our government’s role, cyber-attacks by terrorists, and over all the Americans view of the world. Our lives were forever changed in one day.

old-office-kitchenThe television is gone but the kitchen is still there, attached to the north side of our current office. As I pass through, it often reminds me of that day. I can’t help but think of how fortunate I am. What a privilege it is for me to have the freedoms I do. How great is it to do something I love and to be part of helping feed people? A career in farming, or agriculture in general, are professions of a very noble cause. That September 11th day will always stay with me and I’m sad for all those who suffered and lost loved ones.


Nevertheless, I’m beyond grateful for those who defend our privileges and appreciative for all this country offers us. For me, one freedom is the ability to choose a profession I love and another to hold dear and raise my family in a wonderful area of the country surrounded by many tremendous Americans. As we prepare for harvest I think of the sacrifices that were made for all of us and how lucky we really are.  Although there are daily struggles and temporary setbacks in life, my hope is that we never lose sight of those things we sometimes take for granted.

Have a safe and productive harvest.


Bil Schrader has been with Asmus Farm Supply since 1999 as the Seed Department Manager and holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Agronomy from the University of Wisconsin/River Falls. Bil was raised on a family farm near Easton, MN which he continues to live on and operate today. Before working at AFS, Bil gained several years of experience in seed, chemical, and fertilizer sales. Bil manages our AFS seed business as well as selling crop protection products.