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Crop Protection

When you’re in need of chemical support for your field operations – whether it’s soybeans, corn or other crops, the Asmus Farm Supply Chemistry Department is the best place to start. Any of the chemistry department agronomists are happy to answer your questions and get you started on the right path for better crop protection, production and profit.

Since the Beginning

The AFS Chemistry Department is the oldest division in the company starting back in 1960. Our CCA certified agronomy staff focuses on providing the best recommendations, using the best chemical formulations distributed to farm operations that apply the products themselves.  We represent all major manufacturers, using an unbiased approach to recommend their products to help solve your issues. Generic alternatives are available in some product lines.

Featured Fungicides

Formulated with three powerful active ingredients, Miravis Neo sets the standard in its class for broad-spectrum disease control and plant-health benefits for corn and soybeans.

Miravis Neo fungicide combines propiconazole, azoxystrobin and Adepidyn fungicide – one of the most powerful, broad spectrum SDHI molecules available. Miravis Neo delivers superior plant-health benefits and improved preventive and curative control of key diseases for an unmistakably greener, healthier plant you can see.

The hardest-working, longest-lasting fungicide with preventive and curative control of rusts, leaf spots and blights, Trivapro fits easily into fungicide programs. With excellent plant-health benefits, Trivapro helps boost corn and wheat potential yield under high or low disease pressure.

Corn and wheat growers can turn to Trivapro to help protect their crops from disease and the impact of unpredictable weather. With 3 active ingredients, including Solatenol fungicide, Trivapro delivers long-lasting disease control and plant-health benefits to maximize yield potential.

Veltyma fungicide contains a unique active ingredient, Revysol® fungicide, the first and only isopropanol azole. Revysol fungicide delivers broader, stronger, longer disease control. The unique molecular structure provides stronger binding, rainfast performance and excellent efficacy.


Unique isopropanol azole molecule has a reinforced isopropanol link – giving it the ability to flex to various conformations and fight a broad spectrum of disease and resistant strains.

Powered by a novel premix of active ingredients from FMC, new
Lucento® fungicide provides an exclusive combination of benefits
for smart disease protection and high yielding performance against
the toughest diseases in corn. Lucento fungicide’s unique mobility
throughout the plant defends against and controls threatening
diseases like gray leaf spot and Northern corn leaf blight, resulting
in greener fields and higher yields. It can be used to reduce the
dependence on other important fungicides, like strobilurins, as part
of a disease resistance management plan.

Priaxor fungicide features the most advanced chemistry ever developed for a range of crops including soybeans, wheat, potatoes and tomatoes. It is powered by Xemium® fungicide, an active ingredient that continuously distributes its unique chemistry throughout the leaf to help deliver the ultimate in longest-lasting disease protection. Priaxor fungicide is a combination of this advanced chemistry and F500®, the same active ingredient as in Headline® fungicide. This delivers more consistent performance and Advanced Plant Health benefits.

Headline AMP fungicide provides two modes of disease control. The first helps prevent diseases and the second is a best-in-class triazole that provides post-infection disease control. 

One of the active ingredients in Headline AMP fungicide is F500®, a unique, advanced chemistry that delivers well-documented Plant Health benefits. F500 helps plants grow more efficiently and allows them to focus their energy on producing higher potential yields.

Disease moves fast to destroy crop yields. You need a fungicide that works just as fast. Aproach® Prima fungicide has two modes of action that are proven to work against the most resistant diseases, offering both preventative and curative properties. Don’t wait until it’s too late; protect your plants now.

Aproach® Prima fungicide provides uptake in plants that is nearly twice as fast as competitors, thanks to the active ingredient picoxystrobin. Its varying movement properties quickly surround and penetrate each leaf and stem, providing systemic protection. Aproach Prima is rainfast within one hour and residual for up to three weeks.

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