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Food Plot Seed

The greatest question many of us are probably asking is, “why would I plant a food plot when I’m surrounded by hundreds and thousands of acres of corn, soybeans and alfalfa?”

Well, a variety of food plots can help in a number of factors with your game preferences and also ensures better health to the animal. Our Whitetail Premium provides deer with a variety of nutrients needed to enhance antler growth and body size. The Green Beast seed is a great protein source for deer during the winter months and the Pheasant Pheast provides game birds with more energy and is sweeter to the taste. All these will keep game coming back to your plot year after year.

Follow the links for more information on our food plot seed:

For more information on food plot seed, contact AFS Seed manager, Bil Schrader.

*All of our food plot seed is sourced through Millborn Seeds – Check with state and local regulations before considering any wildlife food plot planting. Different regulations may apply for Iowa, Minnesota and other neighboring states.