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Plant Nutrition

AFS Plant Nutrition Department

When you’re in need of plant nutrition information for your field operations – whether it’s soybean, corn or other row crops – the Asmus Farm Supply Plant Nutrition Department is the best place to start. Our Plant Nutrition Department takes pride in providing exceptional service to our customers. We can ship our product to you or have a fleet of hauling equipment available to those who inquire.

At AFS, we have CCA certified agronomists in the Plant Nutrition Department focusing on listening to each client’s yield goal by crop and then tailoring a nutrient plan to achieve those goals.

Plant nutrition means more than just supplying elemental nutrients to corn and soybean fields. Our agronomists are well versed in educating our clients on the benefits of using bio-stimulants, micro nutrients and nitrogen stabilizers for better field health, better yield and better profit! This department offers many solutions which put the client in control of their yield goals.

If you have questions about our Plant Nutrition Department, please fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you within the next 24 hours. For a quicker response, please call our Plant Nutrition Department at 641.566.3658 during business hours.

Josiah Beenken is AFS’s newest Plant Nutrition Agronomist!

Josiah recently graduated from Iowa State with a degree in Agricultural Studies Following graduation, Josiah returned back to his hometown of Buffalo Center. Growing up on a farm North of Buffalo Center drove his love of agriculture.  Josiah enjoys watching sports, hunting, and helping on the farm.  

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