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Seed Treatment

Asmus Farm Supply’s Seed Treatment department include corn, soybean and wheat seed treatment products. Two of our company-owned seed treatment sites in Rake, IA and Estherville, IA gives farmers and seed dealers the capacity to make their own seed treatment applications as well as offering custom treatment services. Each location is equipped to treat multiple products along with the ability to treat and repackage your seed back into bulk bag totes or hard side boxes directly into your seed tender.

Seed Treatment has evolved into more than just protecting germinating seeds from disease. It has expanded rapidly over the past 10 years where farmers are now using bio-stimulants, bio-fungicides, inoculants, insecticides and nematicides in combination with fungicides to protect their valuable seed investments. Asmus Farm Supply’s Seed Treatment Department proudly offers all major manufacturer seed treatment chemistry and biological brands along with various seed planter lubricants as well.


Seed Treatment Research

To help our customers better understand and evaluate seed treatment technologies, the AFS Seed Treatment Department conducts research trials annually at multiple locations across our sales geography. This small-scale, replicated research ensures that we are positioning the value and the potential return on investment accurately for our customers.

When you’re in need of the right seed treatment solutions for your fields – whether it’s soybean, wheat, corn or other row crops – AFS can help. Holden Asmus, our Seed Treatment Department Manager at our Rake office, would be happy to answer your questions and get you started on the right path for better field production, yield, and profit.

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Meet our Seed Treatment Team

Jacob Larson is the Seed Treatment Manager. Give Jacob a call or  drop him an email.  He’s happy to help answer your questions and take care of all your seed treatment needs. 

Seed Treatment Chemistry Offerings

Vibrance Trio (Syngenta)
CruiserMaxx Vibrance (Syngenta)
Clariva Elite (Syngenta)
Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions
Intego (Valent)
Lumigen (Corteva)

Headsup Plant Protectant 


Seed Treatment Biological Offerings

Signum1 (Precision Laboratories)
Optimize XC (Acceleron BioAg)
Tag Team LCO XC (Acceleron BioAg)
GraphX SA PB for Soybeans (ABM)
QuickRoots PB for Soybeans (Acceleron BioAg)
QuickRoots PB for Corn (Acceleron BioAg)
GraphX SA (ABM)

Tripidity (Rosens)