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Each week through the growing season, Trevor Enerson will be featuring a variety of corn and soybean.  This week’s featured products are Brevant 98A37 and Stine 11EC02. 

Brevant 98Z37

Another new product in the Brevant lineup, 98Z37, will give our growers an early option suitable for early planting and delayed harvest. Combining those two characteristics gives the grower a hybrid that they can harvest at lower moistures without concern for emergence or standability issues. This hybrid is classified as medium height, but I would lean toward it being on the shorter end relative to other hybrids. It has a very compact plant type, so we would like to see populations kept moderate to high in productive situations. 98Z does have the ability to handle lighter soils, although it really shines in heavier clay soils, and it’s also a very good answer to poorly drained situations, given its strong emergence and stalk quality. 

Stine 11EC02 (E3)

Another specialist variety, 11EC02, is our latest offering in the ultra-early maturity group for those who want something they can harvest early. This soybean has a tremendous disease package that will allow it to tackle fields with a history of SDS or White Mold. Combine its natural resistance to these diseases with its earlier pod fill, and we have a product that can help us mitigate troubled areas. 11EC02 is average to good at handling IDC, so that should be considered when placing this variety, and if IDC is a more prevalent issue than disease tolerance, it may be a better option to stick with 12EB32 in that ultra-early maturity group. 


As always, contact your trusted AFS agronomist with any questions. 

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