Seed Blog- Weekly Featured Products

Each week through the growing season, Trevor Enerson will be featuring a variety of corn and soybean.  This week’s featured products are Midwest 01-01 and Stine 15EE32. 

Midwest 01-01 VT2Pro

          Continuing this series, we move to a rock star Midwest Seed Genetics hybrid. 01-01 was, without a doubt, one of the best products in the industry in 2022, and it looks to be on the same path in 2023. Its chassis is built for high yield as well as stress tolerance with some of the best stalks and roots for season-long health and standability that we see. Its ability to flex allows this hybrid to be planted on the marginal acre at lower populations to lower seeding costs and increase stalk quality without giving up the top-end yield on a wetter year. Through two years, the emergence of this hybrid has been as good as you’ll find through different conditions. 01-01 does not have strong Goss’s Wilt tolerance, so keep this off fields with any history of that disease. Unfortunately, this product only comes with above-ground traits, so any placement within corn-on-corn will require a soil-applied insecticide. 

Stine 15EE32 (E3)

         As one of the most visually appealing soybeans in the industry, 15EE32 is set to take over the early maturities in much of our geographical area. This product gives us a mid-group-1 offering that doesn’t come with some of the issues we can see in an earlier soybean. It has one of the larger plant structures in the lineup, relieving us of the concern of a shorter early bean that may not canopy. Yield for its maturity is elite as it’s been at the top of its maturity group throughout testing. One of the most unique things about 15EE32 is that it carries the 3a RPS gene, which will be very effective as we see more and more Phytophthora pressure move into our area and overcome 1c and 1k genes. As we move to this soybean’s agronomic characteristics, we get to add very strong IDC tolerance, very good SDS tolerance, and good White Mold tolerance. Along with 19EE62 and 21EE62, 15EE32 will be a significant part of almost all soybean packages and will give us the third leg of an incredibly well-rounded, agronomically sound, high-yielding package with very little in the way of weaknesses. 


As always, contact your trusted AFS agronomist with any questions.