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Each week through the growing season, Trevor Enerson will be featuring a variety of corn and soybean.  This week’s featured products are AgriGold 631-90 and Brevant 173EE.

AgriGold 631-90

The most underrated hybrid in our lineup is 631-90, an absolute yield monster. As you look through the agronomics of this hybrid, it’s tough to see why this isn’t a product placed on many, many acres. There are two primary reasons: first, its trait offerings don’t lend to broad usage in the current environment; second, it has a small greensnap window. I recommend this hybrid almost everywhere in our geography despite it missing above and below-ground insect traits. The greensnap window is very short, and the ability of this hybrid to flex, to this point, has still maintained yield above hybrids right next to it that simply gooseneck. This hybrid will almost always try to maintain two ears, showing its desire to pack on as much grain as possible. A product like this will typically cannibalize its stalk to make yield but 631-90 carries elite stalk quality through the harvest season and can stand very, very late into the season. Although this unique hybrid carries some risk, it is an elite yield producer in the 101-day maturity and should be heavily considered when top-end yield is a significant factor.

Brevant 173EE (E3)

A new product to our lineup, 173EE, gives us an incredibly well-rounded agronomic package with excellent top-end yield for its maturity. One unique characteristic of this variety is that it will provide the grower with both 1K and 3a genes for ever-increasing phytophthora pressure. This soybean has excellent IDC tolerance, allowing it to be placed in higher pH scenarios that we often run into. There are no holes to poke in this product at this point, and its placement by soil type is comprehensive, so this is a variety growers should look to place in their package.  

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