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Each week through the growing season, Trevor Enerson will be featuring a variety of corn and soybean.  This week’s featured products are AgriGold 632-68 and Stine 17EE32. 

AgriGold 632-68

This week, we introduce a new AgriGold hybrid, 632-68. A broadly adapted hybrid, 632-68 is a fit for many different soil types and systems. Its ability to handle marginal ground while maintaining good top-end yields gives us a product with a very high floor that we intend to use as part of a package for years to come. If people remember AgriGold 6267, this product should provide us with very similar performance while bumping top-end yield. Placement here is very broad, with its ability to handle all soil types and cropping systems. It will be more of a fixed ear than some other offerings, so we would like to see populations kept more moderate or high in high-production areas. 632-68 will respond well to fungicide applications and side-dress nitrogen applications in nitrogen-sensitive situations. Emergence, while being strong in terms of stand counts, is more moderate in its speed.

Stine 17EE32 (E3)

Our first specialist variety in this series, 17EE32, is a yield monster. Despite an earlier maturity, this soybean is among our lineup’s yield leaders, if not THE yield leader. Its ability to handle different soil types and a very solid disease profile allow it to maintain top-end yield in many different situations. The one negative, and it’s a prominent one, is its lack of ability to tolerate Iron Deficiency Chlorosis. This variety should not be used in any situation involving significant portions of the field with high pH without the expectation of a lot of yellowing.  This is a nearly unbeatable soybean in situations with balanced pH, but once we get into higher pHs, it falls apart quickly. We have had this soybean placed in fields with small spots of IDC that were destructive, and the top-end yield was able to overcome the negatives, but we will expect this variety to be hurt badly by IDC. Like 15EE32, 17EE32 also carries 3a PRR resistance which is a huge positive in a world with increasing PRR pressure. If there is a place for 17EE32 in an operation, this soybean should be used as much as possible.


As always, contact your trusted AFS agronomist with any questions. 

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