Seed Blog- Weekly Featured Products

Each week through the growing season, Trevor Enerson will be featuring a variety of corn and soybean.  This week’s featured products are AgriGold’s 630-04 and Stine’s 19EE62. 

AgriGold 630-04

Agrigold 630-04 is well adapted for AFS’s entire geography. As a 100-day hybrid, it fits into the middle of our maturity and is well adapted east-to-west. The best acre for 630-04 is the high or moderate yield environments with a solid ability to handle wet feet. Given its ability to flex through both ear size and grain fill, this is a reliable candidate for variable rate planting, allowing the grower to elevate this hybrid’s ability to handle lighter soil types. A fungicide application would be recommended for this product due to its average plant disease tolerance.  

Stine 19EE62

Leading off this end-of-summer series on the soybean side is Stine E3 variety 19EE62. Again, this variety hits the sweet spot of most of our maturity zones and fits all soil types. Its strong ability to handle IDC, drought, and wet feet makes it the starting point for our proposed soybean package. Its rapid early season growth and larger plant structure make it an excellent fit for 30-inch rows, while its robust White Mold tolerance also allows it to go into narrow rows. With elite top-end yield and well-rounded agronomic attributes, this soybean variety is a must-plant in any area!

As always, contact your trusted AFS agronomist with any questions.