Seed Blog- Weekly Featured Products

Each week through the growing season, Trevor Enerson will be featuring a variety of corn and soybean.  This week’s featured products are Brevant 03H35 and Stine 21EE62. 

Brevant 03H35

Another agronomically well-rounded product, 03H35, will bring broad acre placement to the AFS Seed profile. This brand-new hybrid comes in the new Vorceed trait platform and the above-ground-only AcreMax platform. This product’s attributes start with elite emergence that allows it to be planted early and end with great stalk strength to maintain standability into fall. Its full flex ear will allow it to achieve top-end yield potential while keeping populations low on lower-producing areas to save costs and maintain stalk quality. The optimum placement for 03H25 would be on heavier soil types with top-end yield potential; however, this is not simply a racehorse hybrid, and it can go across lighter soil types at appropriate populations. It will have a strong response to fungicide applications.

Stine 21EE62

As our first Peking variety in this series, 21EE62 is a major part of our soybean offering. As a Peking variety, 21EE62 allows us to change our SCN resistance without sacrificing yield. In fact, it has been in the top 2 of the Estherville seed plot the previous two years, winning it in 2022 and placing 2nd in 2021. Agronomically, this variety is incredibly sound, with no significant weakness. Its rapid early growth leads to very easy fields to look at, and its well-rounded disease package leads to a very healthy plant later in the season. If there is a potential weakness, its larger plant structure could theoretically lead to White Mold concerns, but this hasn’t been an issue to this point. Stine has given 21EE62 an average-to-good rating on IDC; however, we have seen some very heavy IDC symptoms these past few years.  While I wouldn’t put it at the level of 24EA12 or 19EE62, it’s just a notch below and not a product that would scare me in higher pH environments. 

As always, contact your trusted AFS agronomist with any questions.