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Launched by a grant from CF Industries, 4R Plus is being guided by a coalition of agricultural and conservation organizations as a part of the Iowa 4R Plus program to support farmers’ efforts to implement precise nutrient management and conservation practices that boost soil health, crop productivity, and profitability. 

FieldReveal serves as a cloud-based hub for agronomists and allows them to easily connect with others involved in an operation – soil samplers, field scouts, dispatchers, applicators, and farmers. Accessible anywhere you have internet connectivity, it ties everything together and lets agronomists spend more time in the field with the farmer and less time in the office managing data and information.

The SIMPAS® application system and SIMPAS-applied Solutions™ (SAS™) are the next evolution in prescriptive application, using agronomic analyses from a variety of data sources to develop prescriptions that are precisely and variably applied in-furrow at planting. The SIMPAS system also utilizes patented hardware and an intuitive ISO-based user interface to create a closed delivery system that maximizes ROI and improves sustainability.

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