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Did you know that the AFS innovation research platform First to the Field has completed trials on 14 products? Watch the short, 4-minute video below to learn more about this exciting program from Asmus Farm Supply!


Agronomy Update- First to the Field from Asmus Farm Supply on Vimeo.



First to the Field Product Evaluations Since 2013:

 Headline In-furrow

Priaxor on V5 Corn

Foliar Soybean Package

Bioforge on V5 and R3 Soybeans

Accomplish LM on Corn In-furrow


Instinct Side-dressed with UAN

Stimulate In-Furrow


Generate on Corn and Soybeans

Serenade Soil on Corn and Soybeans

Advanced Nitrogen Management

Ilevo SDS and SCN Seed Treatment

Late N+KTS Application in Soybeans

2016 Concepts to be Announced Before Spring!